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Aviana’s core offerings are segmented into three categories – Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetic.



Co-founder of Aviana

A truly inspiring and innovating individual, our Co-Founder Winnie has experienced much success and growth throughout her 7 years in the beauty industry. Driven by her passionate, decisive and compassionate leadership style, she has consistently built and reproduced strong teams, as well as breaking the sales record of her former company. Her gift lies in developing high quality business strategies while ensuring that they align with short-term and long-term objectives. She also motivates the team to perform in excellence, as well as oversees all activities in the company to ensure that desired results are produced and consistent with the overall strategy and mission.

Winnie is an avid believer of possibilities, stemming from her personal philosophy that even the word IMPOSSIBLE itself says I'M POSSIBLE! Indeed, there's nothing too difficult or out of the way for the Chloe – she only needs time to analyse them before she starts coming up with workable solutions. In addition, her vast knowledge and keen passion for the market also helps in spurring the company ahead to the next level at all times.



Chief Everything Officer

Starting off as a junior therapist, Cat’s journey to the top is a remarkable story of determination, passion and dedication. With an unwavering belief that all things are possible when you put your mind and soul to it, she slowly persevered to grow into a managerial position and accrue top-notch experience along the way. Even after 8 years in slimming and beauty, Cat continues to learn and challenge herself to be even better, as her vision lies not just in being part of but revolutionising the whole industry.

Cat is the key person who overlooks the entire production of goods or provision of services. She ensures that the organisation is running well by creating a smooth and efficient system that supersedes the expectations and needs of customers. When it comes to managing operations, she holds fast to the belief that no detail is too small, and no measure is too great for ensuring excellence.


Wai Lung

Creative Director

With a passion for all things artsy and catchy, especially in the beauty department, Wai Lung is one graphic designer who sees every situation as an opportunity for delivering creativity-driven solutions. Backed by over 8 years of valuable experience, Wai Lung's portfolio spans a wide range of captivating art work such as Facebook introduction advertisements, company logo, packaging, as well as getting involved in the club’s interior design.

Tasked with conceptualising and bringing marketing strategies to life, Wai Lung is constantly on a look out for fresh ideas and inspirations that will make an impact. Perhaps that is why he lives by the wise words of 'dare to be different, shine uniquely always and never lose that sense of playful creativity!'



Director of Fun

Live, love and laugh – this is how Chloe manages herself and the people around her. With 6 years of beauty experience, Chloe has always been a leader who is also a team player. After all, what better way to keep a team together than to actually be an essential part of it? Chloe aims to change the conventional beauty culture through adopting a culture of positivity, love and respect. Through the support of her highly capable team, she is confident of achieving success in every aspect of her work.

Chloe’s main role is to foster a fun and creative culture within the company, by putting people first to build up good vibes. It is her desire that the working place becomes associated with values of enjoyment and fresh ideas, thus leading to a productive and effective workforce that will never want to leave.


Dr. Lai

Medical and Operation Director

Dr Lai Wai Yee graduated from Crimea State Medical University, Ukraine in 2009. She has completed the compulsory national service required by the Ministry of Health in both clinical and research area. Over the years, she developed an interest in skin rejuvenation, particularly that of Asian descent. With that, she pursued several postgraduate education and training in South Korea and Thailand that armed her the necessary skills to treat Malaysians, who share skin similarities to the nations of the aforementioned countries. She is the Mentee to Dr. Park Hee Seok, the expert in Liposuction, Fat Grafting and Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures.


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Aviana was created to make a difference in the conventional beauty business. Our vision inspires our passion, which enables us to deliver quality with heart.

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